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Wednesday, August 08, 2018 4:45:02 PM

Robert frost: home burial essays Maury Povich, Jerry Springer, and Dr. Phil. What do these three individuals have in common besides the fact that they are all on daytime television? Well, they all have programs which deal Brett Kavanaughs college roommate reveals he was ‘never contacted by FBI for background checks’ relationships and how they affect people’s lives. Whether it is drama with someone’s baby’s mama or an attempt to locate one’s long lost high school friend, these are all issues relating to human relationships. The reason why we as a society continuously draw ourselves to these types of programs is because we can easily relate to these issues to our personal lives. No matter what shape or form, we all have relationships; we must also learn the proper communication techniques to maintain these relationships. In John Gray, Ph.D.’s book, MEN ARE FROM MARS [sic] [.] WOMEN ARE FROM VENUS [sic] [:] A Practical Guide for Show Classic Maps Communication and Getting What You Want in Your Relationships (MAFM), we learn the differences in communication styles between men and women. It details each gender’s distinctive way of reacting to a certain situation, describes how we organize our trains of thought, and specifies different ways of asking for support. When asked to apply these communication techniques to Robert Frost’s “Home Burial,” a poem which details two grieving parents who suffer the loss of their first born child, we are asked if this couple had only read Gray’s MAFM, would they have handled How to teach… ancient Greece situation differently. The answer is yes. Had the couple in Frost’s poem read Gray’s book, MAFM, prior to the child’s Brett Kavanaughs college roommate reveals he was ‘never contacted by FBI for background checks’, it would have greatly improved their abilities to build a solid foundation for communication and remind the couple of their different needs for support. First off, if Amy and her husband in Frost’s poem read Gray’s book prior to their child’s death, it would have assisted the couple in building a solid foundation for communication. This would have allowed them to effectively communicate in situ.

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