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Media AS level coursework This is my final opening sequence, after looking at feedback from various people I made final changes to make it look better and more of my target audience enjoy watching it. I used a variety of shots to try and make them work well together and fit the thriller genre, I also tried to incorporate shots where you could see what was going on but were unaware of clear shots of faces. I tried to hide the identity of the antagonist which involved using filming to help the audience know it is the same person but the acting ability doesn’t have to be professional. I kept the mini through out as it shows more of the story and keeps a theme going within, this created a challenge as we had to make sure the mini was running and we were able to use it on the roads. Evaluation: what do you feel that you have learnt in the progression from it to the full product. From my preliminary task there are a use of shots that I was able to replicate in my opening sequence. I used skills I had learnt after doing this but was also able to have more freedom and more time to get a wider range of shots. The more shots I took and keep it flowing using match on action shots, this helps the continuity of the film. I used a tripod when filming some shots to get the steady filming I wanted, but the majority of my filming in my opening sequence were handheld filming. I thought that handheld filming were the best especially when they were filmed of the girls or dolls, this shows how they were being filmed by the man himself instead of it being perfectly still. I also felt it was important to use auto focus on the images as there was minimal movement in my shots, this meant it was able to properly look at the main focus of the shot and there wasn’t anything else for me to focus on. There were some shots when I didn’t want much focus at all, that was mainly the shots with the dolls and girls to continue the blurred vision of the audience. I was able to use more shots with more time I had, and I was able to develop them with the feedback I was receiving. With the feedback from my 3rd draft I was told Cosmetic Pigments and Dyes Market Business Planning Research and Resources could be a wider range of shots so this helped me decide to add more and look more into changing what shots I do stock down after Bears 48-10 win over Buccaneers how I incorporate them into the film. I used post production to make the clips darker and crop certain clips to make them focus on the main part of the frame, it was also helpful to crop clips to get parts I didn’t like out Supply and Revenue 2018- shot and also I used ken burns clips to make it more professional and as though there is something to focus on. I wanted the clips to flow and make sense to the audience as the plot may seem confusing, it makes it easier to understand if there is continuity and this is something I originally found when I made my preliminary task video as I had to make it continuous so it made sense to the audience. With a more complex idea it makes it more challenging to get the clips needed to ensure it makes sense to audiences. Sound was a large factor in the film as I wanted to establish a clear genre and felt that sound would be an easy way to do this. I researched other soundtracks that went in thriller films and took inspiration from them to understand it more. I wanted to use sound to establish clear genre and used post production sounds within to make it appear more professional. Evaluation: What have you learnt about technologies from the process of constructing the product. Since beginning the topic I have found that there are certain genres that may be watched and that people in my age bracket do prefer to watch thriller films. I only targeted it at people who were in the age bracket JJ Abrams a bit younger, this way I could target them best and figure out what they actually wanted, and what they felt was the best way to get across the genre of my film. There was very close percentages as to what the audience thought could help in getting across my genre. Sound was the highest percentage but only by 1% with editing and props and costumes the 2nd highest. This shows how it may benefit me to look more into the sound track of thrillers more and focus on what props and costumes are in the sequence to develop the narrative more and the understanding of the genre. I have used different elements to try and attract my target audience and make it more relevant and interesting to get more audiences watching it. I wanted to use teenage girls to interest teenagers more, if they were the same age it is easier to understand that they should be experiencing similar things. It makes it more relatable to watch if there are elements of life that are similar to what the audience is used to. I looked at audience feed back which was taken from people my age and compared it with feedback from people who were older, this made it clear that I had aimed it at the right audience as the feedback showed that the older audience didn’t find it as interesting or enticing as the younger audience who would probably enjoy watching it more. Some feed back thought there should be more focus on the girls and doing something you would stereotypically see teenage girls doing, I decided against adding much of this in but did it discreetly by having images of photos from social media that the stock down after Bears 48-10 win over Buccaneers is looking at. I wanted to leave other elements out of the opening sequence as I didn’t want to tell the entire story. As my choice of genre was thriller I decided the main audience would be from 15-25 as these groups were the most likely to enjoy watching them and go to cinemas to watch this genre. I also took into account the age of classification, I looked online at what ages and White Mountain Lake fire board denies public record request boundaries. These are the bbfc guidelines for what can be rated as a 15, this is what guidelines I will meet, as I want to be able to get the 15 age bracket so I have a larger audience that essay examples Trump mocks Feinstein about Fords letter able to watch my film and can do it legally instead of using illegal internet sources. I looked at my final opening sequence and compared it to the guidelines that were set to help me make my final decision. Evaluation: What kind of media institution might distribute your media product and why. My ident was used whilst I was planning on having some form of horror or thriller sequence so I wanted my ident to make that clear and as though the films that would be created by that company would be mainly of that genre. It was important to show that my film distribution wouldn’t be that of hollywood films as it is a British independent film. Due to planning, making, post production, marketing and distributing, it meant there was a smaller budget over all. After looking at the comparison between independent and hollywood film idents there are clear differences, yet I wanted to match that of independent films. I have used similar techniques to independent companies as Hollywood productions have bigger budgets and have the ability to increase the viral marketing, which smaller budget productions can’t do as easily unless through social media. As we are aiming to get a smaller independent British company to distribute we will have to combat the Hollywood imperialism we could use Kaleidoscope, as they are a fast growing independent film distribution company associated with thrillers. This company seemed appropriate for my thriller as it fitted the genre, Kaleidoscope works by advertising for producers, directors, writers etc to contact them with regards to new ideas on their website, kaleidoscope film distribution. Hollywood productions had more animated idents that were done in post production on computers. As I had access to use adobe after effects I used that to add animation into my ident to create movement, I felt that that made it more professional than something simple. I was able to develop my knowledge of after effects and how adding new elements can create a more professional dynamic look. It helps to have a memorable ident which many hollywood companies do, in order to make their company known amongst many people and create a name for themselves.

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