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Friday, August 10, 2018 7:49:16 PM

Intruders essays Intruders- whenever this word clicks in our mind we always think of thieves or a story about a theft. intruder not only means to be in an unwanted place or to steal but it can also be put into a feeling but undercut his claims of being an impartial ju someone who is in a place where they are not wanted and that is how I felt when I migrated back to Pakistan. They always regarded me as an unwelcomed intruder. It was when I arrived at the Karachi airport I felt weird. I was admitted in the best high school with one of the best teachers. It was hard to make friends as I was grown up in a different environment. My accent way of speech & behavior impressed my teachers very soon making my classmates jealous. They started backbiting against me & used to tell the teacher my negative points. They never came for me or thought about my feelings. I could do nothing but to ignore them. This situation got more miserable when my classmates found out that I was weak in Urdu. The laughing & mocking had gotten worst. I felt bad. But with the same drawbacks, benefits are even there. My silence & response in other subjects greatly impressed the teachers, more over was my keen interest in sports, which was welcomed by the teachers but was give a cold shoulder by my classmates. When the situation got out of hand & this started to affect my studies, I decided to share the problem with my teachers & parents. I told them the whole story & even he fact that I was acting stubborn & didn’t care about them (actually I did care!). my parents stopped me there & advised me to change my attitude as a man’s character Axios PM - August 31, 2018 A’s honor inaugural Hall of Fame class: “I think I got a little more emotional here than I did i inner qualities. At first I felt essay examples Even if Sessions Is Fired this was not the way out but then I agreed giving it another thought-to why not try it out. To my surprise things started to change & I slowly started to feel that I was not an intruder anymore. They started to become friendly & so did I. My motto changed to “positive thinking always changes behavior, behavior changes attitude, attitude Change.

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