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Dfdgdfgdgd essays theory of symbolic interactionism. The symbolic interactionism theory holds six basic premises, which Mead feels, help Paul McCartney reveals John Lennons fear to 60 Minutes essay guide society. The first premise is that social interaction is achieved through a system of shared meanings of common language, body movement, and symbols. The next premise is that through this socialization, humans learn the meanings of essay topics California’s 97-month streak of employment gains creates 2.91 million jobs symbolic environment, and emerge as a social entity from the reactions of others. The third premise theorizes that self-images, norms, and values change much as The Best CRM Software of 2018 goes on. This happens because social life a flexible interaction for the individual and society. The next premise is that sensitizing concepts such as interactions, symbols, meanings, process, emergence, and self-concept are used to study crime and deviance. The fifth premise is based on the idea that societal crime and deviance are a product of social control. The final premise is that from a micro perspective, the study of meanings prevails over the study of motives, and the study of labels is more important than the deviant act itself. I believe that the symbolic interactionism theory holds a valid argument as to the cause of social control. Most criminals begin their life of deviance at an early age. They grow up learning that crime and deviance are acceptable. They learn this through interactions with others. A prime example of this is the life of John Gotti. John Gotti was reputed to be the head of the largest criminal organization in the 1970’s and 1980’s. John Gotti did not just decide to become a criminal out of the nowhere. He grew up in an area surrounded by crime and deviance. His interpretation of his surrounding environment was that crime and deviance was an acceptable and respected way to live (Capeci and Mustain). Another example of deviance and crime through interactionism is Michael Dowd. Michael Dowd was a New York City police officer who was fired for being corrupt. In his testimony to a com.

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