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So many styles, so many parents essays ons (Edwards para. A Most American Terrorist. Because they are expected to obey, they do not learn to think for themselves or to make good decisions. This parenting style is like a “brick wall”. It is intended to keep children essay examples How Capitalism Ruined Chinas Health Care System | NYT News with little or no freedom. Children in authoritarian homes are often afraid of their parents. Parents commonly use forceful punishment to reinforce the rules they have set (Wong 94-95). Often times they may not use physical punishment but instead the withdrawal of love or attention will have very negative effects on children. This may result in a child being very sensitive or self-conscious. As the children get older, they learn to hide their problems from their parents (Edwards para. 2). For example, when a child gets a bad grade on a test, they will hide the paper to avoid punishment. Soon they realize that they can break the rules as long as they don't get caught. Teenagers often become rebellious in order to get away from the demanding, negative environment. These parents put a big emphasis on obedience and on instilling values such as respect for authority and family values (Wong 94-95). They think that their child should accept their word for what is right and believe nothing else (Edwards para. 2). Children who grow up in this type of environment with a lot of demands and control tend not to do well in school (Bee 203-206). Teenagers fro.

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