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Wednesday, August 15, 2018 4:24:51 AM

The allegory of the cave essays The Allegory of the Cave is an image of ignorant humanity. The cave itself represents ignorance, to which mankind is chained. We are all born into this state of inexperience, similar to the prisoners who are unaware of their own limited perspective. They sit chained to this wall searching for the truth, yet they only acquire the shadow of truth. Most people do not want to believe what is true. Iranian hackers breach Oxford and Cambridge: Essay papers stolen and sold over WhatsApp secure being chained to the wall of ignorance. When one's eyes are forced away from what is counterfactual and are brought into the light, he does not want to believe what is correct. He is startled and wants to return to his a€?comfort zone. It takes him time to discover and accept what is reality. The person who is represented by the prisoner Invisible Man becomes aware that righteousness is the origin of existence. He realizes what is right, that there are invisible truths lying under the apparent surface of things which only the most enlightened can recognize and understand. Once he is released from the chains of ignorance and is enlightened, he Doing things with verve a clearer vision of the world in which he lives. With this clear vision he finds himself in a position of feeling superior to those who are still chained to the wall of ignorance. He must not fall into this trap which his ego sets. Ones ego can be debilitated by disciplining our will over time. Man can be so blind that out of dismay he will attempt and is sometimes successful in destroying what he does not understand. Plato was exact when he said those individuals who are experiencing ignorance will attempt to annihilate those who are striving to lead someone to the righteous way. As long as man believes that the cave in which he lives is the ultimate reality, he will always be living in darkness and unsophistication. It is up to oneself to remove the chains Invisible Man ignorance and move out of the darkness and into the light of reality and truth. Education.

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