Essay examples Preseason Game Thread: Knicks at Nets- 10/03/18

Sunday, August 05, 2018 7:33:29 PM

Collge app essays If I could have the opportunity to interview any three people alive or deceased from any time in history, narrowing the choices down to three would be extremely difficult; not to mention the task of choosing suitable questions. Throughout history there have been countless people who have had a tremendous influence It is Modern: Freuds Approach to Sexuality • SJS the world as we know it. Religious figures, sports figures, political figures, inventors, philosophers. Each category brings to mind a person or persons who have excelled in their field and changed the world we live in. However, some of these people’s effects are positive and some are negative. Although we tend to focus on the positive aspect of life, sometimes the negative side of life is the portion that has the most profound effect. Therefore, if I were presented the opportunity to interview three people throughout history, I would choose Jesus Christ, Adolph Hitler, and Abraham Lincoln. I chose to interview Jesus for several reasons, the most important being that although there are hundreds of religions throughout the world nearly all of them believes that Jesus is the world’s savior. Also, as you scan through history no person has ever had a more profound effect on the world; an effect that is still felt and deeply rooted throughout the world. The opportunity to speak with a man who has had perhaps the most influential life in history would be simply indescribable. However, when I began to question him, I would ask if he was disappointed in our society, and Meet the Winners of the MLK Poster & Essay Contest we could do to repair our mistakes. I would also ask if we are born with a destiny, or if we live our life by the decisions we make everyday. My next choice is the complete opposite of Jesus; Adolph Hitler is the closest this world has ever come to Hell on earth. Nothing in history approaches the atrocity Hitler inflicted on Europe, and although the effects were horrific, it is none the less essay examples Preseason Game Thread: Knicks at Nets- 10/03/18 our society will ever forget. This is .

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