Reason iPad Controller App Updated

Monday, August 13, 2018 6:51:14 AM

Y2k bug essays even recent released versions of a program are ! not fully protected against the year 2000 bug (Bergeon 12). This problem would not be evident today if early programmers used four-digits rather than two. When early versions of DOS and many other applications were created both memory and storage space were extremely expensive so writing programs that used minimal space was essential. Sense most of computer calculations done for a business used dates it made sense to save time and space by using two digits rather than four. In fact some applications only used one digit and had to hastily rewritten before the new decade came. "Thanks to sheer inertia and lingering Tea Party logic (why store more than two digits when the century stays the same for such a Reason iPad Controller App Updated period of time?), the practice continued long after computer memory and cost constraints were legitimate concerns." (Jager, 1) There are well over thirty billion embedded microchips that control electronic devices (Ulrich, 15). These microchips use range from those that roll up and down your car windows, to those that helps a pilot land an airplane. It is crucial that we find those chip that are date sensitive and replace them with ones that are year 2000 compliant. This is very long but crucial task that was started over ten years ago, 1985, and still continues essay examples Serena Williams Covers I Touch Myself in Breast Cancer Awareness Month Music Video most common misconception with the Y2K bug is that it will take effect as soon as the date rolls over to the next century. This is false, sense the formula t.

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