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Reasons for napoleon's defeat essays Why Were the French Armies Eventually Defeated by 1815? Up until 1807, the grande armee of France was very successful, never losing on land. They defeated the Austrians and Prussians at Austerlitz in 1805, the Prussians at Jena in 1806, and the Russians again in 1807 at Friedland, followed by the signing of the Treaty of Tilsit. However, it wasn’t until the start of the Peninsular War in Iberia in 1808 that chinks began to appear in Napoleon’s seemingly invincible armour. Reasons for the eventual defeat of the French army include the drain on resources the Iberian campaign brought, modernisation of the armies of Napoleon’s enemies, and also better communication and unity between France’s many enemies, leading to his defeat at Leipzig in “The Battle of the Nations” in 1813, and then Waterloo in 1815. However, the most important reason for the eventual defeat of the French armies is Napoleon’s generalship after 1807. After the coup of 18 Brumaire, Napoleon was both the Head of State and Commander-in-Chief of the figures show armee. This gave him total control, whether it was in new campaigns or the need for new equipment – he didn’t have to answer to anyone, and so if he needed more men he simply ordered that they be gathered. Large losses didn’t matter, as there was no-one to protest against him. However, the strains of having to appear in total command both of France and its armies eventually took its toll on Napoleon, leading to some personal decline. He started to suffer from piles, and bladder and stomach problems. He would have outbursts of anger and hysteria, and became more intolerant of other people’s Russell Group universities struggling to fill places through clearing, and so wouldn’t take advice. An example of this was when, against advice he had been given, chose not try and envelope Kutusov’s forces to cut them off from their supplies. The battle resulted in heavy losses on both sides, with the Russians eventually retreating. Napoleon also simply d.

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