3 Strategies To Prepare For The Future Of Work

Monday, August 13, 2018 7:13:03 PM

Why do ICO Analysis: OS.University like eavan boland's poetry? essays I 3 Strategies To Prepare For The Future Of Work Evan Boland’s poetry because of her ideas of violence and inhumanity. Also I think she expresses her own ideas and private life through the myths like in ‘Pomegranate’. The experience of motherhood is also very strong and vivid in her poems. I like how she shows the voice of woman being powerless and silent in the face of life. I enjoy her poems because I think they bear messages that are important in our life nowadays, like the ideas of violence and death of a child. I think the idea of violence is best expressed in the poem ‘child of our time’ where she describes the death of an innocent baby as the result of bombs. The poem shows how brutal and sadistic the murder was. ‘This song which takes… its rhythm from the discord of your murder.’ Also I think she blames adults for this murder because they couldn’t solve their problems peacefully and now that is the kid is dead they will learn. However I doubt this. ‘Must learn from you dead’. She suggests that perhaps they should find a new language Scientists edit human embryos to safely remove disease for the first time – heres how they did it they could use to interact with terrorists and resolve all their problems in a peaceful way, she hopes that the murder of the child will teach them something. ‘Find for your sake…a new language’ I think the idea of violence comes from the early days in history; she refers to the famine in Ireland as an example of brutal and inhuman treatment of people. ‘After all could they not bleed their knuckles on rock, suck April hailstones for and for food?’ I think the poem shows that violence makes people to look at each as a source of food. ‘Each eyed – as if at a corner butcher – the other’s buttock’. I think she shows the indifferent attitude of the lords towards people who suffer from their violent and pointless orders. ‘This Tuesday I saw bones out of my carriage window. Your servant Jones’ I admire the way Evan Boland expresses her issues in life through myths, like in ‘pomeg.

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