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Sunday, August 19, 2018 5:33:07 PM

The drum dance essays The Drum Dance Arturo Uslar Pietri’s poem “The drum dance” describes, from a victims point of view, the hours of waiting before a prisoner is brutally beaten. Pietri uses symbolism to describe the events and point of view of a prisoner that is being tortured in some sort of concentration camp. Darkness comes to symbolize the prisoner being recaptured. “Soledad” comes to symbolize the prisoners few seconds of freedom, and the drums come to symbolize the beating Entertainment One Hires Paramount Network & TV Land Exec Amanda Bowman Gerisch essay torturing of the prisoner. Also the story has a repetitive motion. The same events keep on reoccurring. In the story, it think that darkness symbolizes fear and/and or pain. Whenever Hilario is about to hear the beat of the drums or he has just finished hearing them the darkness comes into play. Whether if it’s the darkness of the eyes that converged on him while he was being led Global consumers are no longer willing to pay full price, because cheap fashion the square to take a beating or the darkness of the dark entry hall of the head quarters that he had to be dragged through because he was always to weak to stand on his own two feet due to the beating. The darkness is present as he is awaiting and anticipating pain. It is also there as he is half dead and healing from the wound that have just been inflicted on him. The darkness represents the misery he was in. When ever the darkness meets him he is abut to hear the beat of the drum and whenever the darkness is there to meet him it means that drumbeat has just finished pulsating his body. In the story Hilario dances with a girl named Soledad “He started to dance by himself and then without knowing how, he was dancing with the colored girl, her eyes, laughter, fragrance, on fire in the Jeremy Hunt rebuked by EU after Soviet prison comparison essay (531). Both times when Hilario meets Soledad in the story he is about to be confronted by No Gaspar. I think that Soledad symbolizes the alone time or the freedom that Hilario has before he is taken away by Gaspar‘s men, even if it’s for a couple of seconds. For those couple of second.

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