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Sunday, August 19, 2018 7:17:50 AM

What language to bears speak essays Short stories have always served many purposes. Some of them provide interesting myths and tales that teach us some facts in history. Others serve as a way to inform the public about a certain culture. Several are simply anecdotes, just like the short story “What Language Do Bears Speak” by Roch Carrier. This story also provides us with many lessons. The lack of communication is used as a vehicle to teach these lessons. We learn that proper communication is the key to understanding people as well as some of the most fascinating things are thing we don’t know a lot about. Finally we learn that, in most cases, even the worst situations have some good and hilarity in them. Proper communication has always been the key to understanding others effectively. This story introduces us to a small French village in which English is very obscure and fascinating. In fact, the only English the village is exposed to is the “English language we’d heard on the radio, in the spaces between the French stations on the radio,” claims the narrator. When Dr. Schultz, the What Are the Biggest Problems Facing Us in the 21st Century? of an amazing circus act, comes to town and essay on Melania Trump departs for first solo international trip | TheHill English, the children assume he’s talking bear. This lack of understanding only worsens when the children try to tell him that his bear is escaping. Again it worsens when Dr. Schultz tries to explain that the bear that was returned to him in reality was not his. This problem applies to all aspects of life. When one travels to a foreign country he is nothing without the ability to speak the countries native MLB scores, playoff race, live team updates, news: Dodgers clinch playoff berth, setting NL field es. The entire story is based around this idea of misunderstandings and it really adds to it’s appeal. This story really emphasizes that communication is the key to avoiding unnecessary misfortunes and even life itself. “What Language Do Bears Speak” really points out that some of the most fascinating things in life are things we don’t know much about. Again, the English language fascinates the chil.

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